Tiger Fight, October 3 News Arsenal famous Paul Merson previously published an article in the "Daily Star" column. In the article, Merson said that Barkley is a very talented and outstanding player. And he thinks Lampard's loan of Barkley to Villa is a wrong decision. Merson also said that joining Villa may be a turning point for Barkley, and Barkley has a chance to reverse the situation at Villa.

Tiger Fight,10月3日新闻阿森纳著名的Paul Merson先前在“每日之星”专栏中发表了一篇文章。梅森在文章中说,巴克利是一位非常有才华的杰出球员。而且他认为,兰帕德(Lampard)将巴克利(Barkley)借给比利亚(Villa)是错误的决定。梅森还说,加入维拉可能是巴克利的转折点,巴克利有机会扭转维拉的局面。

Merson mentioned: "I think Lampard made a wrong decision to rent out Barkley. I think Barkley will play a key role in Aston Villa."


"For Aston Villa, signing Barkley is a great deal. To be honest, Barkley's performance at Chelsea has exceeded my expectations. His performance has conquered me. I think Barkley is a Very talented player."


"Lampard put Barkley on loan like this, especially because it was a wrong decision to loan him to another Premier League club."


"Despite spending so much money to introduce new aid this summer, Chelsea have been eliminated in the League Cup before, and they have not performed well in the league this season. They have not found their best form."


"I think Chelsea's defense still has big problems. Chelsea do have a lot of options in the midfield position, but neither Jorginho and Kovacic can push the ball like Barkley."


"When Chelsea put Barkley on loan, I was surprised. I think Dean Smith is currently helping Aston Villa complete the rebuild. In this summer, none of the other Premier League coaches have done as well as Smith."

“当切尔西租借巴克利时,我感到很惊讶。我认为迪恩·史密斯(Dean Smith)目前正在帮助阿斯顿维拉(Aston Villa)完成重建工作。今年夏天,其他英超联赛教练都做不到史密斯。”

"Aston Villa previously brought in Portland Traore and Martinez, and they also got Barkley from Chelsea."


"Completing the contract extension with Greelish is even more icing on the cake for Villa. I think the combination of Greelish and Barkley will be very good, and it will create a lot of threats to opponents."


"Aston Villa ranked 17th in the Premier League last season. In my opinion, they will make a lot of progress this season. Villa can create a threat to any team, and they don官方网站’t need to worry about relegation this season. Problem."

“阿斯顿维拉上赛季在英超联赛中排名第17。我认为,他们本赛季将取得很大进步。维拉可以对任何一支球队构成威胁,他们不必担心官方网站本赛季的降级。问题。 ”

"Aston Villa is a big club. I know this because I used to play for Villa. I love Villa. Barkley chose to go to Villa because he wanted to get more playing time."


"When Barkley was at Chelsea, he could not get a stable playing time, and I think Barkley is still a very good player now, what he needs now is the right environment and enough playing time."


"I think Barkley will like Villa. Maybe he will choose to stay with Villa after the end of the lease, because Barkley should have no place at Chelsea."


"If Barkley does well enough, then he can reverse his career at Aston Villa, and Barkley is no longer young now."


"I always thought he was playing too conservatively at Chelsea. Barkley didn't dare to pass that kind of risky ball in the game, but that is what he is good at. I think Barkley can play at Villa. More freedom, and it suits him better."


"To be honest, Barkley has a chance to find his best form at Villa, and Lampard may regret his decision."


In the previous game against Chelsea, Tottenham star Dale left the stadium to go to the toilet halfway through. Merson said: "Dale left the stadium temporarily to go to the toilet and made me laugh, and I have done the same thing myself."


"I went to Anfield to challenge Liverpool on behalf of Arsenal, and I wanted to go out to the toilet during the game. I asked George Graham, but Graham asked me to hold back and continue playing."


"After Liverpool got a penalty, I rushed out of the court because I really couldn't hold it back. Graham was directly angry at the time because the toilet at Anfield was still a long way from the stadium. "


"When I was in the toilet, I heard news that Liverpool had made a penalty kick, and I just lifted my pants and rushed back to the court."


"My teammates didn't even notice that I was leaving the court. Palole was sitting on the bench and he was the only one who noticed that I was leaving the court. Palole laughed hard at me. ."


"Dale's situation was more funny than my situation at that time, because Mourinho went back to the locker room to catch Dell."


"Fortunately, Chelsea did not score a goal when Dale left the stadium, otherwise Mourinho would not be so tolerant of him. That would be a different story."


Everton striker Lewin was previously selected to the England national team squad, and this is the first time Lewin has been called to the England national team. Merson said: "Lewin has performed very well this season. He scored in the Premier League. A lot of balls."


"I would be surprised if Southgate ignores Lewin. Lewin's aerial combat ability is very good. He is fast and his finishing ability is also very strong. He has now become an excellent striker. ."


"So I think Lewin is worthy of being selected for the England national team. Lewin is a team player, just like Husky before."


"They are the kind of players who are willing to do dirty and tiring work. Every player likes to play with such players."


"To be honest, I think Lewin wants Abraham and Callum Wilson to perform better this season. I hope Lewin will have the opportunity to play for the England national team."













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